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Why Go Solar Power is the Perfect Size to Make a Difference

Family Owned and Operated

Go Solar Power is a family-owned operation. We believe in honesty, integrity, reliability. As a result, a “Do the Right Thing” attitude that permeates our company culture. Those attributes have helped Go Solar Power expand into five states. Named the Fastest Growing Solar Installation company in Florida by INC magazine. Management has over 25 years of experience in the Solar business. Count on Go Solar Power being around for the long run to service your Solar and Battery systems.

Our Service Commitment:

  • Honesty — Go out of our way to make our customers happy. Always tell you about any fees upfront.
  • Integrity — Everything we do starts with our commitment to family values and hard work.
  • Reliability — Rely on us for solutions and innovation.
  • Commitment — We commit to providing exceptional service for our customers.
  • Professionalism — As the image of our company. We always commit to doing business with the highest professional values.

Solar Power Makes Good Financial Sense:

  • Utilities use them and then charge you for the electricity. Put up panels and make your own electricity.
  • You’ll save $70,000, on average. During the life of the solar system.
  • When you try to sell your home. Solar power will make your home worth more money.
  • We make going solar simple. With no money out-of-pocket. 99-1.49 % solar loan and a 26% federal tax credit.

How Do You Pay for Solar Conversion?

  • Unsecured loan – With a 650 credit score. Get approval for the industry’s lowest interest rate – In other words, as low as 0.99% for 20 years.
  • PACE loan – Property Assessed Clean Energy tied to your property taxes. However, not to your personal credit.
  • Pay cash and save money – Certainly, maximize your savings from day one by paying cash and reaping the rewards of our special cash discounts and incentives.

The Solar Company you Deserve

As a full-service company. Go Solar Power does everything from start to finish. The sales. Onboarding/concierge team and engineering. Permitting and the interconnection to the power company. Subsequently, the service support after installation and down the road is unsurpassed. Above all, Go Solar Power has the best warranty in the business. Don’t believe it? Try comparing us to a company. Most sellers subcontract out this request to other companies. There is no competition. Go Solar Power is the full-service full charge solar company!

Why use Go Solar Power?

  • We have great reviews. In addition, Our A+ BBB ratings. 5-star Google reviews. Top Facebook comments. Excellent relationships with our clients are our proudest accomplishments. Our company has always believed that customer service. It means more than anything. Our reviews show we live that every day.
  • Turn-Key installation. We provide the highest quality equipment. Performance guarantee. Full energy efficiency kit. After that, our proprietary system monitoring app. We offer more and cost less. No one else can say that.
  • No payments for three months. Go Solar Power is invested in growing. Joining the clean energy movement. In all counties across Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and California. In conclusion, we can cover up to the first three months of your solar loan payment. No other company will touch that guarantee.
  • Top-notch customer service. Not only do we have excellent reviews. In addition, we have a solar concierge team that offers the most outstanding customer service in the solar industry. Along with a mobile application that monitors the system and submits referrals.
  • Customized solar design. In other words, we utilize revolutionary software to assess a home’s solar needs. All based upon a client’s energy usage. Above all, this system allows clients to visualize their homes powered by solar energy. We truly tailor our solution to your specific energy problems.
  • Solar saving program. Our solar team uses a unique method to highlight your energy savings. Your expected home appreciation. The environmental benefits. Financing options, and more. Get astounded at how much money you save. In other words, that is just in the first few weeks!
  • Locked in rate. While electric companies continue to increase their rates. Our customers secure long-term savings. Investing in sustainable energy. Everyone’s energy bills will continue to climb as yours falls.

The Go Solar Power Blog

Our blog is your trusted source for all things related to solar energy and sustainable living. Explore a wealth of articles written by experts in the field, covering topics such as the latest advancements in solar technology, tips for maximizing energy efficiency at home, success stories from individuals who’ve made the switch to solar, environmental impact insights, and much more. Whether you’re a solar enthusiast, a homeowner considering solar panel installation, or simply curious about renewable energy, our blog offers a diverse range of informative and engaging content to empower you on your journey towards a cleaner and greener future.

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