Tips for Dealing With Power Outages for Your Business

Tips for Dealing With Power Outages for Your Business

Power loss can happen anywhere, even in your business. If you go without power for too long, your business faces serious effects, such as lowered sales, unturned inventory, and loss of employee productivity. Identify how a power outage occurs and what you should be doing differently. Here are tips for dealing with power outages for your business.

Get Surge Protection for Your Equipment To Prevent Malfunctioning

Everything, from computer screens to registers and digital display signs, can malfunction and go out in a power outage. If this often happens to your store, it might be time to think about getting surge protection. It prevents systems from overloading and malfunctioning. If you want to avoid costs for replaced equipment, getting protection from faulty and malfunctioning tech is best.

Start a Daily Practice of Backing Up Your Equipment

Backing up files is essential. Your business might suffer without a hard drive or other backup technology. By backing your system up, you avoid losing essential tax documents, Excel sheets of budgets, and vital employee files in a blackout. It doesn’t take too long, but proactively doing this at least once a day can save you time and money from replacing files.

Start a New Business Continuity Plan Factoring in Power Outages

If you experience a blackout but didn’t factor power outages into your current business plan, consider adding it to the new strategy. Your business continuity plan lists different solutions to prevent your business from losing sales or employee productivity during emergencies. In the case of severe weather or other issues, your strategy should include quick answers to operating through a crisis. These suggestions should consist of what to do during a blackout in your workplace.

Determine if It’s a Tech Burnout, a Rolling Blackout, or a Power Line Fault

Did you know your business might not be affected by a rolling blackout? It could be a simple occurrence like tech burnout or a power line fault. You can typically tell by investigating it firsthand. The three types of power outages include a brownout, blackout, and permanent line fault.

Flickering lights are the first sign of a brownout, or a tech burnout. This likely means you have too many things in the store using electricity. Unplug and monitor your voltage use to prevent a brownout. A power line fault occurs when a power line is overcharged and goes out. It’s simple to fix; hire an electrician who can safely restore your power.

A blackout is common; you’d know it’s a blackout because the power goes out immediately. Investing in solar energy panels is a great way to save your business from the long-term effects of power outages in your community.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark all day; invest in solar panels for commercial buildings. Solar energy is the best way to keep everything in your business powered all day and night. Contact Go Solar Power to learn why you should switch to solar panels for relief from blackouts.

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