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Looking for new roof installation during your Solar Install? We are also Licensed and Insured Roof Installers in Florida & Texas.

New Roof Installation + New Solar = Savings & Security



American made GAF shingles is by far and away the most reliable and durable shingles on the market.  It is the best roof for solar as the solar panels actually protect the shingle membrane. 

Dollar for dollar you will receive the best ROI with a new shingle roof plus Solar.  Added benefit- use the same company for the roof and solar so only 1 company to work with throughout the life of the Roof and Solar!


If you are looking for a new roof that will last for over a generation then the American Aluminum Standing Seam Roof is your choice.  The Standing Seam Roof will protect against any weather issues from rain, sleet, hail, etc. It is great to add a Solar System as we use the S-5 brackets that attach to the seams.  There are no penetrations to the roof deck.  That means no possible leak issues over the life of the solar and roof.  

A Standing Seam Aluminum roof is the most expensive roof material on the market but you truly receive decades upon decades of performance. 



Flat roofs come in different materials forms from concrete to TPO (thermoplastic Polyolefin).  The best roofers will tear off down to the wood deck and build back up with 3 layers.  It is vital to find any root issue for roof problems by updating the underlying infrastructure.  GSP Roofing focuses on tearing down to the base and building back up.  

Solar with a Flat Roof can be installed with a non penetration method or with the E Curb system which attaches directly into the deck to meet all Miami Dade Wind load requirements. 

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Solar, Roof and Powerwalls...

"GoSolar installed a new roof, a15 kW solar system and 2 Tesla Power walls in our home. Everyone on the team was courteous and professional. They worked with our HOA for approvals, and kept us informed every step of the way. The system is up and running and we enjoy checking the app to see how much energy we are generating. Our electric bill dropped considerably and we’re prepared for a power failure by having a battery backup system. GoSolar was a pleasure to work with."
Janice J
Boca Raton, FL

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Solar and New Roof Installation

Installing solar power and a new roof can both be done at the same time, and whether you’re in Florida or Texas, Go Solar Power can make the service happen so that you can SAVE MONEY immediately. We have licensed, trained Roofer Technicians and Solar Installers who can install a new roof and a solar system with a Tesla Powerwall in just a few days.  Go Solar Power will handle the full turnkey process from Site Survey thru Interconnection.

What’s the point of doing both at the same time?  When you bundle the Roof with Solar you can include the combination into the same loan in the same contract.  The Solar contract receives a 30% Investment Tax Credit.  That will  save you money from having to replace the new roof separately, and you benefit from solar power sooner rather than later. Our trained experts can safely apply a new roof with solar panels, so you don’t need to worry about if the roof won’t support the panel system later.

A GSP Specialist will walk through the most advantageous roof material for your home, family, and budget.  If you foresee a new roof with solar panels in your future, contact Go Solar Power. We’re licensed professionals that will install a new roof as well as solar panels so you can benefit from savings while living a sustainable life.

Operational Licenses:

  • Florida #2018105561
  • Alabama #000579705
  • Arizona #23546197
  • California #201920310049
  • District of Columbia #C00007789253
  • Georgia #19090818
  • Louisiana #44365017Q
  • Maine #20240247FC
  • Maryland #Z24080475
  • Minnesota #1397224200025
  • New Hampshire #934230
  • New Jersey #0450981072
  • New York #7034731
  • North Carolina #1799097
  • Rhode Island #202340722220
  • South Carolina #00977702
  • Texas #32075439334

Solar Contractor License:

  • CVC 56962 (Florida)
  • COA 650 (South Carolina)

Electrical License:

  • California CSLB#1069269
  • Florida: EC13007879
  • Georgia: EN216145
  • North Carolina: U32638
  • South Carolina: CLM115302
  • Alabama: 02301
  • Texas: 35375
  • Louisiana 72043


  • RS9908186


  • TC5160

Contractor License:

  • FL Roofing CCC 1332637
  • FL Builders CBC1264000
  • Georgia Builders GCCO007273

California Self Generation Incentive Program:

  • GSP Electric Developer Key: 8350NF
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