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A Service Experts Company

Bid farewell to never-ending energy bills and welcome a radiant and pristine future with the esteemed Go Solar. As the preeminent solar installation company in Pensacola, we have firmly established ourselves as one of the foremost solar enterprises in the entire state of Florida. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering unparalleled performance and unwavering dependability to our esteemed clientele. When you opt for Go Solar, rest assured that we exclusively collaborate with superlative solar products, guaranteeing that your abode can bask in the embrace of reliable solar energy for countless years to come. We comprehend that transitioning to solar energy is a momentous decision, which is why our team of erudite specialists is perpetually at your disposal to address any qualms or inquiries that may arise. By embracing the sustainable and economically viable power of solar energy, you seize command of your energy consumption and diminish your carbon footprint. Not only will you amass substantial savings, but you will also contribute to a more immaculate and environmentally conscious future. Delay no further in making the transition to solar power. Reach out to Go Solar today and allow us to facilitate your journey towards a more sustainable and economically viable energy solution.

A Top-Rated Solar Provider

We are an esteemed solar installation enterprise renowned for our exceptional capability to cater to the distinctive requirements of Florida inhabitants. We acknowledge that transitioning to solar energy in the Florida climate may evoke a plethora of apprehensions, yet we pledge to alleviate all your uncertainties and guarantee your absolute contentment at every juncture. The purpose of this article is to furnish responses to frequently posed inquiries and impart crucial particulars regarding the adoption of solar power in Pensacola. Be assured, our establishment is wholeheartedly devoted to furnishing unparalleled warranties and comprehensive assistance throughout your remarkable expedition into the realm of solar energy.

A Brand You Can Trust

Indulge in the gratification of collaborating with our esteemed solar company, where our unparalleled expertise in roofing and impeccable reputation distinguish us from our competitors. Our primary focus revolves around crafting a tailor-made solar panel system that seamlessly harmonizes with the dimensions and energy requirements of your abode. Our team of solar specialists meticulously evaluates all variables to present you with a trustworthy solution that significantly diminishes your energy expenses. Throughout the installation process, we unwaveringly adhere to industry standards, ensuring the utmost professionalism and precision in every single step. We hold open and transparent communication in the highest regard, ensuring your active involvement and comprehensive awareness at every stage. Should you have any inquiries, our team remains perpetually available to equip you with extensive knowledge about solar energy, empowering you to make well-informed decisions during the installation process. Our ultimate aspiration is to furnish you with an unwavering solar energy system that generates immaculate and sustainable power for your residence. When it comes to solar panels in Pensacola, entrust our solar experts to accomplish extraordinary outcomes. Reach out to us today for an impeccably executed endeavor.

Tesla Powerwalls

At Go Solar, we take immense pride in delivering exquisite solar energy solutions, encompassing the illustrious Tesla Powerwall. As distinguished installers with an abundance of expertise, we effortlessly infuse this state-of-the-art technology into the very fabric of your abode. Our devoted team of Solar Energy Specialists will accompany you throughout the entire journey, ensuring an effortless encounter and tending to every intricate detail. Rest assured, we shall install the Tesla Powerwall with unparalleled precision, seamlessly integrating it into your pre-existing solar energy system. By selecting the Tesla Powerwall and aligning with Go Solar, you are making a sagacious investment for the days to come. Not only shall you relish substantial savings on your energy bills, but you shall also bask in the tranquility of knowing that you possess a steadfast power source, even during unforeseen outages. Embrace the revolution of immaculate energy and join us at the vanguard.


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Going Solar is Easy

Design a Solar & Battery Savings Plan

Our expert Solar Specialist will create and design a complimentary solar savings plan and present to you over the phone while you are safe in the comfort of your home.

Solar Stimulus
Make sure to ask about our Solar Stimulus plan that puts cash in your pocket.

Choose Best Financing Plan

The 3 keys to identifying if you and your home are a match for our Solar Simplified program and our low 0.99% loan all determines on the following:

Are you a Homeowner?
What was your last 12 months of electric consumption in kwh?
Are you above a 650 credit score?

Hassle Free Install

Our team will provide a 5-star installation experience followed by the building dept inspection then Interconnection to the local utility. We will all celebrate when your solar system is turned on.

Service & Support

Using your Enphase app as well as the Tesla app with batteries, you will have complete control over your systems performance monitoring. Our Service team is available to troubleshoot and correct any issues. We are just a phone call, text or email away!

Solar Ambassador

As your system is installed and generating solar power, you may become a Solar Ambassador spreading the solar message earning money! We pay $500 for every referral that signs up for a Go Solar Power System.

one hundred dollar bills and solar panels

A Reward Program That Keeps Rewarding

Become a Go Solar Ambassador and earn thousands of dollars when you make a referral that becomes a customer.  Help others save money while you MAKE MONEY — it’s our way of saying “thanks”.

See Why Thousands of Homeowners Have Chosen Go Solar Power

Elvia M. Murcia
Elvia M. Murcia
X Gomez
X Gomez
First off, I would like to say that 'I'm not the kind to leave reviews anywhere and rather just walk away from the unpleasant situations than give it my energy.When considering Solar energy information, I checked with multiple companies, and none appealed to me due to Solar energy companies having a short-lived business structure which tend to be a big problem in this industry. After 3 months I finally decided to go with Go Solar Power and I must admit, even going through the permit and labor process I was still skeptical of everything, but Kenneth was there to hear me out and guide me through the process. I currently have 5 months with the system, and he will always check on me to make sure everything is operating correctly, or if I have any concerns. I must say after all, Go Solar has given me a very satisfying experience to date and would recommend it to anyone who would have the same doubts. Kenneth is top notch!Thank you Go Solar team.
Andrea Hegedus
Andrea Hegedus
Honesty, Integrity, Good value! Great Investment for your future and all the upcoming generations of our planet!
Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez
Excellent team and support for solar systems, not only for own customers, but for any solar customer of third party company that has gotten abandoned and has issues with their solar systems...
Jerry Spielman
Jerry Spielman
Just finished installing my solar, EV charger and 2 TESLA POWERWALLS. You guys were great. Always responsive and beautiful work. Can't wait to see my new FPL bills and show off my system to my neighborsMy new April 2024 just came in at $32. Unbelievable and very happy with my solar system..
Lucrecia Sierra
Lucrecia Sierra
Where to begin. Starting with Kenneth, he was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and answered every question we had. He treated us like family from day 1. He was very respectful of the decisions we needed to make and never pushed us. The installation was a breeze. The crew that came out were very nice and professional. They explained everything they were going to do every step of the way. Even the cleanup at the end was perfect, you wouldn't even have known there was work being done as they left everything exactly how it was, even cleaner! This was such a pleasant experience and I'm very glad we did this. Thank you to everyone on the Go Solar Power team for everything!

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