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Home of the Lowest Solar Payment Guaranteed

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The Solar Investment

The Solar Advantage

Create Your Own Power

ZERO out of pocket. Systems are designed to maximize your savings, guaranteed.

Keep Your Power On

Peace of Mind with Uninterrupted Power from the #1 Home Battery System- the Tesla Powerwall.

Charge Up Your EV

Charge your EV in the comfort of your home using the Power from your solar panels to save.

Power Your Business

Power up your Business and Multi-Family Asset with Solar to drive down costs and increase NOI.

The Solar Experts

Go Solar Power & Service Experts

Go Solar Power, founded in 2015, quickly established itself as a Solar leader in Florida. While expanding into 7 additional states and offering Batteries and Electric Vehicle charger installations, GSP was named the fastest growing Solar contractor by the Inc.5000 in 2020 in the USA- #100 overall.

As a regional powerhouse, Go Solar Power was sold to Service Experts in 2021, the #3 ranked residential Air Conditioning company in the country, owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners.

There's Something about the Power of Integrity

Go Solar Power is not in the business of creating sales. We are focused on creating value. Call us old fashioned but we believe that trust isn’t just given. It is earned. 

It’s about building relationships. Building Solutions and approaching every project as unique.  Most importantly we are about family and our family works night and day to create value for yours. 

The Solar Lineup

Two Great Packages, Always the Lowest Payment

REC 405 Panel + Enphase IQ8M

The REC 405 Solar Panel is a cutting-edge solution that combines high performance and sleek design. Boasting an impressive power output of 405 watts, these panels are designed to maximize energy production,

Complementing the REC 405 Solar Panel is the Enphase IQ Micro Inverter. Each IQ8M Microinverter works at the individual module level, allowing for maximum energy production. This means that each solar panel operates independently, optimizing energy generation even in partially shaded or underperforming conditions. By minimizing the impact of shading or module-level issues, the IQ8M ensures you get the most out of your solar system.

Canadian CS390 Panel + Tesla Inverter

Experience the pinnacle of solar module power with Canadian Solar’s 390 Watt Solar Module. The CS390 provides dual cell architecture and PERC technology, resulting in exceptional performance.  Harness the power of innovation and elevate your solar energy production like never before.

Pair with the latest technology from Tesla, the new Tesla Solar Inverter. The Inverter quickly converts DC power from solar modules into AC power, which can be consumed within the home. This efficient conversion process ensures that every drop of solar energy harvested is optimized for maximum utilization, reducing wastage and increasing overall energy efficiency.

Don't Take Our Word for It See It and Hear It From a Customer

The Solar Plan

Call for your Virtual Customized Solar Design. Based on Your Needs and Your Usage. Locations in Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, South Carolina,  Alabama and Louisiana.

See Why 4000+ Homeowners Have Chosen
Go Solar Power

Gerry Micallef
Gerry Micallef
Luis Molina
Luis Molina
Very professional staff at Go Solar Power, each one of them always attentive to all the details that make an exceptional service, thank you very much to everyone that in some way I interact with them.
We were blessed to have Jaime Vera as the Salesman. He wasn’t pushy and provided clear and understandable information which helped us to decide Go Solar was the company for us. The installer team led by Yanick was the consummate work team. They were prompt, worked non stop and completed the work in the time which they projected. More importantly, they worked neatly and in a five star professional manner. Based on the above, these workmen deserve an immediate pay raise which any employer with good sense would give them. Failing to do so means the employer stands a good chance of losing them to a competitor who has good sense!
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera
Hello,my name is Eduardo Rivera and I live in texas, the experience I had with Go Solar Panel was a great experience, with good communication all the time and with good professional installers, I recommend them thank you very much to Mr.Lucas Ferraz who was there all the time. Thank you
John Forbing
John Forbing
Great attention to customer-very professional-Lucas Ferraz account manager super valuable
Mario Milian
Mario Milian

Some of Our 4000 + Hassle Free Installs

Some of Our 4000 + Hassle Free Installs

Nationwide Solar Panel and Solar Battery Installation Company
Service Type
Nationwide Solar Panel and Solar Battery Installation Company
Provider Name
Go Solar Power,
Boca Raton, Tampa, Central Florida, Jacksonville, Panhandle, Alabama, Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Telephone No.800-530-9597
Go Solar Power is a nationwide solar panel, solar battery and roofing company. We are a full-service sales, operations, permitting, engineering, installation, and service team.
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Solar Contractor License:

  • CVC 56962 (Florida)
  • COA 650 (South Carolina)

Electrical License:

  • California CSLB#1069269
  • Florida: EC13007879
  • Georgia: EN216145
  • North Carolina: U32638
  • South Carolina: CLM115302
  • Alabama: 02301
  • Texas: 35375
  • Louisiana 72043


  • RS9908186


  • TC5160

Contractor License:

  • FL Roofing CCC 1332637
  • FL Builders CBC1264000
  • Georgia Builders GCCO007273

California Self Generation Incentive Program:

  • GSP Electric Developer Key: 8350NF