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What is the Go Solar Power Difference?

Top Quality Equipment

According to Google reviews, Go Solar Power is the top-rated solar company in Dallas, Texas. We utilize cutting-edge REC 460RX panels paired with Enphase IQ8X microinverters, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability for our customers.

Keep Your Power On with Batteries

Equip your Dallas home with the latest Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Battery for superior security and dependability. These state-of-the-art energy storage solutions keep your home powered seamlessly, even during outages.

Go Solar Power uses the best equipment from REC

25 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive 25-year warranty, covering all parts and service at no additional cost. Additionally, our system includes full monitoring to ensure peak performance at all times.

No-Holes Solar Systems

Experience seamless, worry-free solar energy with our No-Holes Solar technology in Dallas. Enjoy a leak-free solution with no new roof penetrations, providing you with a #LeakFree and #WorryFree solar experience.

Your Local Dallas Solar Company

Serving Dallas, Tarrant, Parker, and Denton Counties

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Beware of Shady Solar Sales Practices

MYTH BUSTED: Solar Power in Dallas

Solar power itself is not a scam, but beware of fraudulent actors, especially deceptive door-to-door salespeople, who might be misinformed or willing to say anything to close a sale. These individuals often mislead customers with false promises of free solar power or exaggerated savings.

While your electric bill will decrease with solar, you may still have a small connection charge. However, as utility rates rise, your costs will not, potentially reducing or eliminating your bill over time. At Go Solar Power, we prioritize honesty and transparency. We provide accurate information about the benefits and costs involved, ensuring you can make an informed decision. This is particularly important for homeowners in Dallas, where solar energy can offer substantial long-term savings and reliability.

Debunked: Government Solar Funding Myths in Dallas

The government won’t cover the entire cost of your solar system. However, when you invest in solar panels for your home or business, you can benefit from a federal tax credit worth 30% of the installation cost. This credit directly reduces your IRS bill dollar-for-dollar at tax time.

A tax credit is more advantageous than a tax deduction because it directly reduces your taxes owed. Additionally, businesses can benefit from MACRS depreciation, further increasing savings.

So, while the government won’t fully fund your solar installation, it does offer substantial financial incentives.

Myth Busted: Roof Damage from Solar Panels

It’s common to worry that installing solar panels might harm your roof, but rest assured, Go Solar Power’s installers take every precaution to prevent leaks and other damage. We use a no-holes solar system with zero drilling and roof penetrations, applying a hurricane-approved sealant to ensure your roof remains intact.

We are licensed, qualified professionals with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8 Google rating. Additionally, if your roof is damaged or aged, it will need to be restored before solar panels are installed. This restoration cost can qualify under the federal solar tax credit as part of the installation.

REALITY: Comprehensive Protection for Your Solar Investment

Go Solar Power offers an all-inclusive 25-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, guaranteeing you never have to pay for a service call. Our dedication to quality extends to 24/7 system monitoring, ensuring your solar panels operate at peak efficiency. This peace of mind is invaluable in sunny Dallas, Texas, where maximizing solar performance is crucial. With Go Solar Power, you can rely on long-term reliability and support for your solar investment.

Go Solar Makes Going Solar in Dallas Effortless

Seamless Designs

Our expert Solar Specialists will design a customized solar savings plan tailored to your needs, absolutely free of charge.

Seamless Financing

We will assist you in exploring all cash, financing, and leasing options to optimize your solar savings and backup solutions.

Seamless Installation

Our committed concierge team offers premium, white glove service, supporting you through every phase of the Go Solar process, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

See Why Dallas Homeowners Have Chosen Go Solar Power

Fred V.
Fred V.
I had a 21KW system installed by Go Solar Power in February 2024. In choosing a solar company I found them to have far more experience and better reviews then most other companies. Our Sales person David O. was much more knowledgeable then any other company we consulted. I am not easily impressed, as I do very significant research before a large investment like this, but David had serious in depth answers for any questions we had from beginning to end of install and afterwards when we had other questions. His knowledge was by far second to none and I felt very comfortable dealing with him and Go Solar Power. The system was built to exacting standards, impressive actually, since we have a large system with twin arrays. Everything was perfectly level, perfectly lined up with the sun and performs exactly, will actually, better then specifications. The install crew was very courteous, and worked from 7:00AM until after dark on several days and had the entire system built and ready to turn on in about 7 working days, start to finish. The workmanship on the arrays, wiring and electrical control/access boxes was very clean and tidy. I have heard and seen horror stories about bad setups with electrical boxes and wiring done in a messy and unprofessional manner and Go Solar Power's was done expertly and clean. All county/state inspections passed first time around. The system has been running for 6 months now with zero issues, producing power as expected and on the clearest sunniest days producing maximum output for a good chunk of the day (peak sun angle). I cannot say enough about how professional and knowledgeable everyone at Go Solar Power was, especially David O. and Evan P. Even today when I have a question about our system they are quick to respond, long after the project was finished. I highly recommend them and will be using them for future projects on my property. Thanks for being so professional, courteous and top experts in your field!I have included a couple of pictures I took near the completion of the installation.Fred V.
Great company!!
Ron Abbott
Ron Abbott
Fast reply and service repair. Way way better than the months it would have taken Tesla !!!
Maureen Laxpati
Maureen Laxpati
Go Solar is a fabulous company. We got a ton of information to help us make a decision ( we’re engineers so …). Go solar was so much more helpful than two other companies, making a choice was easy. Throughout the whole job, we were kept up to date on progress and our Go Solar contacts led us through the approval process from HOA to city permits. We had a great experience and are now enjoying our Georgia sunshine as it powers our air conditioner.
Majid Shams
Majid Shams
Louie Arslanian
Louie Arslanian
Great company with a great product. Now that we've had the system, our electric bill, with feel like temps over 100, has been $29.00 per month!!!!! That's amazing. And, the Tesla backups have kicked on when we've had a couple of power outages. We are so happy we did this, and Go Solar are so professional.

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one hundred dollar bills and solar panels

A Reward Program That Keeps Rewarding

Become a Go Solar Ambassador and earn $2,000 for every referral that results in a signed and installed solar system. Help others save on energy costs while you reap the rewards — it’s our way of showing our appreciation.

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