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Save More Money in South Carolina When You Go Solar

Installing solar power systems in South Carolina is becoming easier and more beneficial thanks to a 25% State Tax Credit and a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Simply put, there’s no better time to invest in solar solutions in South Carolina for your home or business. Plus, solar panel designs are more flexible than you might think.

For instance, if your roof isn’t the best spot for your solar panels, we offer a convenient solution in the form of Solar Pergolas. Not only do pergola-mounted panels provide access to solar power, but they also give you suitable shade for staying cool on hot days. Whether you prefer pergola- or roof-mounted solar solutions in South Carolina, you can use the information below to contact our team today.

Go Solar Power’s additional services include panel cleaning, which can improve your system’s productivity instead of letting it dwindle over time. Additionally, if you have an electric car, you can talk with our team about integrating a charging station into your solar panel system at home. That way, we can design the perfect system for your specific lifestyle.

South Carolina Solar Solutions

Installing solar panels delivers various benefits, including increasing your home’s value. Our solar panels can help you increase the value of your South Carolina home, farm, or business. That said, how exactly does investing in solar solutions in South Carolina increase your home’s value? First, your home will be worth more with solar panels due to the limited to $0 electric bill you’ll experience. Suffice it to say, electrical bill savings can go a long way.

However, that’s not the only way going solar can save you money. After installing a solar system, you can receive a 30% Fed Tax Credit. The IRS gives 26% of the system cost back to you when you own solar panels in South Carolina. Additional benefits of installing solar panels in the state include:  

  • Obtain an additional 25% South Carolina state tax credit. 
  • $0 upfront with the Lowest Solar Loan Rate as low as 2.99%

Add Powerwalls and Never Lose Power

Homeowners and business owners in South Carolina can keep their buildings running with Powerwalls. 

Tesla Powerwalls are solar batteries that don’t automatically come with panels, but you can add them to your design if you want to access their benefits. For instance, the Powerwall battery will store excess solar energy throughout the day. Powerwalls will automatically detect outages and become your home’s energy source when the grid goes down. 

An easy mistake to make is assuming that you’re off the electrical grid when you install solar panels. However, it’s not that straightforward because solar panels store energy in the grid.   

Do you want to go completely off-grid? If so, you can accomplish that goal with the help of Powerwalls. Unlike gasoline generators, Powerwalls will run the power of your home, farm, or business. 

Not only will Powerwalls keep these buildings running, but they’ll do so without upkeep, fuel, or noise. Whether you install them on your home, business, or both, you can become completely energy independent with Tesla Powerwalls.

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Going Solar in South Carolina is Easy

Get a Custom Design

Our expert Solar Specialist will create and design a complimentary solar savings plan for you.

Easy Financing

We will show you how to replace your high-priced electricity with low cost solar payment.


Our white glove, concierge team will walk you thru our Go Solar process from sale to installation.

Hassle Free Install

Our team will provide a 5 star installation experience Interconnection to the local utility.

On-Call Service Team

Our Service team is ready to roll on a moments notice to address and correct any system issue.

Easy Referral Program

Spread the Solar Message and Earn. As a Go Solar Ambassador, earn $1000 for all of your signed referrals.

A Reward Program That Keeps Rewarding

Become a Go Solar Ambassador and earn thousands of dollars when you make a referral that becomes a customer.  Help others save money while you MAKE MONEY — it’s our way of saying “thanks”.

See Why Thousands of Homeowners Have Chosen Go Solar Power

A really good job and the staff really kindness and respectfully into the present everything work perfectly Thank you
Dany Zelaya
Dany Zelaya
Excelente trabajo. Mis paneles trabajan al 100% creo es una de inversiones mejores que podemos hacer a largo plazo. Tomando en cuenta los precios de la energía eléctrica como están ahora y como podrían estar en unos 10 o 20 años super más altos con los paneles aseguramos un solo pago por 25 años.
Todo bien organizado desde mi celular veo el consumo diario y el positivo que se acredita
Stacy Bryan
Stacy Bryan
We purchased a system on credit because it got us a 30% tax credit, which we needed since we had large capital gains from the sale of our previous home. At first we didn't think the investment was going to be worth it and complained about the performance. It took quite a few calls, but eventually Court sent out his crew with five more panels at no cost. Now on a typical sunny day we are selling more power to FPL than we are using. Cloudy days cut the production down, but I can tell that it will even out in a few more months, making the investment worth it. We are happy with the purchase and appreciative Court took care of us.
Nancy Castellow
Nancy Castellow
Great Company! Kept us informed through the entire process. If your thinking of going solar I would highly recommend this company.
Stephen Toth
Stephen Toth
Everything went very smoothly. So far so good and working as advertised!Juan and Luis were great. As was the entire team. Highly recommend

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Ask About Our South Carolina Solar Power Stimulus Plan

Turnkey solar systems for South Carolina Homeowners that offer guaranteed savings with interest rates as low as 0.99%.

Go Solar Power has many different solar financing solutions to help homeowners get budget solar panels in South Carolina. From awesome cash discounts to unsecured loans. GSP provides options that are the best fit for you, your family, and your budget. Don’t take our word for it, read our hundred of five star reviews. 

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