The Top Benefits of a Solar-Powered Pergola

The Top Benefits of a Solar-Powered Pergola

Solar power is something many homeowners don’t think they can afford, and they often don’t believe their roof has enough room for a panel. First, solar panels can go anywhere, and believing they can only go on roofs is a complete myth. Did you know your pergola is a great location for a solar panel system? Find out more by learning the top benefits of a solar-powered pergola.

You Have Renewable Energy

There’s plenty to appreciate about solar-powered pergolas, and one is the benefit of renewable energy. Solar energy is free and better for the environment. It reduces emissions from gas and other toxic fumes that hurt the climate and wreck your prize-winning views. Switching from normal electricity to solar power is easy; you save your favorite backdrop while helping preserve the environment.

The Chance To Increase Home Value

Sure, you can easily put in anything to improve your home’s value, but not all homeowners know that solar power improves home value. If you’ve been itching to try out anything to increase your home’s worth, try a solar-powered pergola.

For the most part, solar energy increases the home value by $6,000 to $8,000 per kilowatt produced by a solar panel. That’s a whole lot of wattage waiting to impress, and you could sell your home for more than your asking price.

You’re Better Financially From Saving on Bills

Consider installing a pergola solar power system for savings on electric bills. Savings is crucial in every homeowner’s life, and you can cut costs by utilizing better means of energy, such as a solar system.

When installing solar panels on a gazebo or pergola, your panels collect energy through cells and store them in solar batteries, or sell the excess on a grid-tied system. Imagine getting to enjoy doing more for the environment while also saving money.

Solar-Powered Pergolas Are Weather-Resistant

Solar-powered pergolas can handle any climate, and the panels have a waterproof casing that furthers protection from conditions like heavy rainfall and overcast. High winds are also not an issue, but the panels can only handle up to 140 mph and may blow away in severe weather. Have your solar system installer work with you to mount the solar panels properly in your pergola, so they stay intact.

Learning the benefits of a solar-powered pergola can help determine if it’s right for you. If saving more on electricity bills and increasing home value piques your interest, you may want to try solar power. Go Solar Power offers top-of-the-line solar energy products to get your home powered and protect the environment. Contact us for a quote on a solar-powered pergola system, and schedule your installation today!

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