Solar Panel Systems: How they work during a power outage

Sunny News Solar Power, Power Outages and the Solar Battery Difference Solar panels generate free, clean electricity. If your solar panel system is grid-tied (most solar panel systems installed in the US are), it won’t work in an outage unless paired with reliable solar battery storage. This is because all grid-tied systems must observe the […]

What Roof Type is a Perfect Pair for Solar Power?

Sunny News What Roof Type is a Perfect Pair for Solar Power? There is a global consensus for sustainable and eco-friendly power solutions in a bid to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. As such, solar power is increasingly becoming a popular and cheaper source of clean and renewable energy. Today there are about two […]

How Many Solar Panels do I need?

Sunny News How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? For many homeowners, the main reasons for going solar are to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.  So, how many solar panels do you need for maximum savings and minimum environmental impact?  The exact number of solar panels you need for an efficient solar energy […]

6 Absolute Benefits of Solar Power for your restaurant

Sunny News 6 Benefits of Solar Power for Your Restaurant Going green seems to be the new craze in town, and the hospitality industry has not been left behind. A lot of restaurants are opting for solar energy as opposed to regular electricity. Many of them are investing in solar panels and gradually easing off […]

Understanding Solar Billing

Sunny News Understanding Solar Billing After receiving your first solar loan bill, it is exciting and relieving considering the benefits of cost-saving associated with going solar. For a Go Solar Power client running a solar energy system for their homes, two bills are sent – one from the provider of their solar loan, the other […]

The Fastest Growing Full House and the #1 way to Power it

Full House During Covid uses more Power

The Full House During Covid The full house in a post-pandemic 2020 is fuller than it has ever been before. Not since the Great Depression have families seen more of their children moving back home. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research survey. 52% of 18-29 year-olds in the US are living with at […]