Going Solar in Texas and the Amazing Monetary Benefits

Texas Flag Flying over Solar Panels

  Many folks have begun tossing around the idea of the monetary benefits of going solar in Texas. While going solar in homes or businesses, here is a great idea. A good chunk of people never get past the contemplation stage. It can feel overwhelming to try to overhaul your current systems for obtaining and […]

The Sunny Basics of Solar Panels

Go Solar Power Installation Broward Florida

Solar Panels Solar panels are becoming familiar sights around the country as more homeowners choose to use the sun as a source of energy. However, a few rare homes are able to stand alone with only solar and wind power. Most are connected to the grid. The home is connected to the local utility company. That […]

Amazing News – The 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit Extended

Tax Credit for Solar Panel Installation

What is the Federal Solar Tax Credit? 2020 was a challenging year. We experienced the worst of the pandemic, with America being hit harder. But the year has ended, and 2021 looks promising thanks to the launch of the Covid-19 vaccine. Maybe you were among those who contemplated installing solar panels at their residential building […]

Home Solar And Batteries: Why They May Be Essential During Times of Crisis

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With the surge in COVID-19 cases across the US, more states continue to fight the virus with far-reaching shelter in place orders. Since the best place for Americans to be is at home, they will be relying more on home solar and batteries more than ever before.  This may increase the frequency of blackouts on the power […]