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5 Reasons To Get Excited About the Future of Solar Energy

One of the best attributes of using solar energy at home is its eco-friendliness. However, although the eco-friendly nature of solar energy is wonderful, these systems bring a lot more to the table. Not only do solar systems impact your daily lifestyle after the installation, but they’ll continue making an impact in the future.

The industry around solar panels continues to shift in incredible ways. Browse our comprehensive list below to find the top reasons to get excited about the future of solar energy, from savings to job opportunities and beyond.


The first reason to look forward to the future of solar energy is the ever-evolving technology, leading to better accessibility for companies and households. As we’ll dive deeper into this later on, installing solar panels is a money-saving endeavor. That being said, the type of accessibility we’re covering here is the flexible designs.

Flexible Installations

If the first image that pops into your head when you hear “solar panels” is a row of panels on a roof, that’s understandable because that’s the traditional design. The fact is that not all rooftops are equally viable locations for solar panels. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be exempt from using solar energy simply because your roof isn’t the right spot.

So, more ways to install solar panels are now available after years of innovation. For instance, our team installs solar pergola shade structures when putting solar panels on a roof isn’t an option. Besides being an excellent way to capture solar energy, these pergolas provide comfortable shade in the yard, too. Given how the solar industry has grown over the years, it’s exciting to think about the potential future solutions for residential and commercial solar system designs.

Solar Batteries

Another piece of ever-evolving technology in the solar energy world is the solar battery. Among the most popular solar batteries is, of course, the Tesla Powerwall. Don’t worry; “ever-evolving” doesn’t translate to “you’ll have to get a new model every year” in this context. Instead, over the years, changes to the Powerwall keep it one of the most valuable and innovative additions to a solar system setup.

Tesla & Solar Systems

For instance, in April 2021, Tesla’s Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce impressive updates to the company’s solar equipment bundling and power compatibility as it pertains to the Powerwall 2. For reference, the Powerwall 2 has been around since 2016; undoubtedly a resilient and impressive solar tool.

Solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall are the key to achieving off-grid energy consumption for homes and businesses. As opposed to grid-tied solar systems, off-grid systems solely rely on the battery for storing and distributing power at home. Plus, your solar battery can be a convenient backup power supply during outages.

When a blackout strikes the electrical grid, a grid-tied household will feel the effects. Thankfully, the outage won’t render your home powerless if you use a solar battery as your primary power source.

Saving Money

After installing a solar system, one of the top reasons to get excited about the future of solar energy is the money it will help you save. First, setting up an off-grid solar power system means you don’t have to rely on the electrical grid for power. Whenever you need electricity, you can turn to your solar battery for help; it’s that easy.

Furthermore, states around the U.S. offer various financial incentives for residential and commercial solar system installations, so take some time to learn what your local saving opportunities are today. Plus, although this doesn’t entirely pertain to saving money, a quality solar system can increase home values. So, not only is solar energy useful when you’re living in the home, but it can also help out when you’re moving away.

More Job Opportunities

Beyond positively impacting homes and businesses, solar energy also affects the job market. The more widespread home and commercial solar systems become, the more trained professionals are necessary for customers who want to execute the installation properly. Like many renovations around the house, installing solar systems require proper training and care to ensure you can receive the expected benefits.

Thus, the future for solar energy looks bright as it can potentially pave the way for many more job opportunities in the future. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupation Outlook Handbook predicts a 52% growth rate for solar photovoltaic installers between 2020 and 2030.

Not only does this expand the job opportunities available, but it also spreads the knowledge of solar installation practices and benefits. Plus, for those willing to put in the time and effort to learn the ropes, becoming a professional solar installer isn’t as laborious as you might expect. After all, there’s no eight-year college career necessary for entry-level employees. If the demand for solar energy continues to grow, so will the demand for trained solar installers.

Simply put, the more knowledgeable professionals are available to install residential and commercial solar systems, the better. However, the impact on the solar installation industry doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the growing number of solar installers, the industry continues innovating its practices in unique but efficient ways, which is essential in an ever-going workspace like solar energy.

Sharper Installation Techniques

The professionals who install your solar system can’t sit idly by as new innovations in the solar energy industry present themselves. Although starting your career in solar is relatively easy, it requires a consistent sharpening of skills and learning the ins and outs of these systems.

It’s for this reason that longtime professionals in the industry continue making their installation processes unintrusive and simple, two key principles you’ll commonly see manufacturers use in designing their solar technology.

Solar systems can weave seamlessly into home designs by beautifully mixing aesthetics and functionality. As the future lies ahead, solar installers must continue to hone their craft in a way that supports the attributes above, especially accessibility.

Whether you’re thinking about installing solar panels for the financial benefits, environmental impact, or both, trained professionals can help you turn those thoughts into a reality. Suffice it to say, if you’re ready to join the solar movement, now is an excellent time to do so.

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