Introducing the REC Alpha Pure 405 solar panel, a groundbreaking panel that builds upon REC’s extensive portfolio of award-winning innovations. Designed to empower you in harnessing the full potential of solar energy, these panels are packed with cutting-edge technologies, offering higher power density, captivating aesthetics, and a minimal environmental footprint. With REC’s unwavering commitment to quality, the Alpha Pure’s beautiful Black on Black design has emerged as the preferred solar panel for residential applications.

Heterojunction (HJT) Cell Technology

HJT cells are designed to improve the efficiency and performance of solar panels by utilizing a combination of different semiconductor materials demonstrating high energy conversion efficiencies, often exceeding 20%. This means they can convert a larger portion of sunlight into usable electricity.

Advanced Cell Connection Technology

The quality of cell connections affects the flow of electrical current within the panel. Advanced cell connection technologies, such as high-quality interconnectors and busbars, are designed to minimize power losses by reducing resistive losses and improving current flow between cells.



Go Solar Power is proud to offer Canadian Solar’s Most Advanced Solar Modules. Unleashing the Power of InnovationCanadian Solar is proud to present our latest breakthrough in solar technology – our advanced solar modules.

With cutting-edge features and enhanced reliability, our modules are designed to revolutionize the solar energy industry and provide unparalleled performance. When you choose Canadian Solar, you’re not only investing in clean and renewable energy, but also in a future filled with efficiency, durability, and savings.

Power with Innovative Technology

Our advanced solar modules harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding performance. With 182 mm wafers, dual cell architecture, and PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, our modules achieve unrivaled efficiency and power output.

Superior Energy Yield & Cost Efficiency

Canadian Solar's advanced solar modules go beyond simply producing more power. They are designed to optimize your energy yield and reduce costs, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Zeus Solar Panels


Go Solar Power is a long-running leader in the solar power industry. We have over 30 years of experience and plenty of experts with experience installing different solar-powered products. We have an assortment of products from the number one leading solar panel brand: Zeus Solar. The solar products from Zeus Solar include 460- and 670-watt panels, averaging an industry leading efficiency rate of above 21% with a 25-year product and performance warranty.


21% + Energy Efficiency Rate

This panel has the UL 61730 rating meeting Miami Dade wind approval.

25 year Product Performance Warranty

The highest wattage residential panel on the market today.

World Class Inverters

Enphase IQ8 Series MicroInverter

The IQ8 Series is the industry’s first microgrid-forming, software defined microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently.

Tesla Solar Inverter

The IQ8 Series is the industry’s first microgrid-forming, software defined microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently.

The Tesla Solar Inverter converts DC power from solar to AC power for home consumption. Complete with robust safety features and a simple installation process to produce an outstanding solar inverter.

Tesla Powerwall Battery

Tesla Powerwall

On a typical day, Your Powerwalls and Solar Power will meet all of your home’s energy needs. When the power goes out, your solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwalls.

Level 2 electric
vehicle charger

Features and Benefits

UL and ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED LEVEL 2 EV CHARGER. DEFAULT CHARGE RATE is 40A. WiFi Internet connection is required to raise or lower charge rate. Pair with an Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor to automatically charge only with excess solar power and curb charging during peak demand.

REAL-TIME ENERGY DATA: REQUIRES 2.4 GHz WIFI WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION to monitor energy use and charging sessions with iPhone / Android / Web Browser app. Schedule charging with app. Easily manage the parameters to handle variable utility rate charges.

QUALIFIES FOR REBATES AND INCENTIVES. Qualifies for Federal alternative fuel tax credit for 30% of the cost of the charger and installation (up to $1,000). Your state, province, or local utility may also offer rebates and incentives. 


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Solar Contractor License:

  • CVC 56962 (Florida)
  • COA 650 (South Carolina)

Electrical License:

  • California CSLB#1069269
  • Florida: EC13007879
  • Georgia: EN216145
  • North Carolina: U32638
  • South Carolina: CLM115302
  • Alabama: 02301
  • Texas: 35375
  • Louisiana 72043


  • RS9908186


  • TC5160

Contractor License:

  • FL Roofing CCC 1332637
  • FL Builders CBC1264000
  • Georgia Builders GCCO007273

California Self Generation Incentive Program:

  • GSP Electric Developer Key: 8350NF