How Long Can You Power a House With a Powerwall?

A Tesla Powerwall is a smart investment. The system acts as a backup generator for homeowners in case of a power outage. However, most homeowners remain skeptical, looking for answers to questions like, how long can you power a house with a Powerwall? You can learn more about using a Powerwall to power a home below.

How Much Power Can the Powerwall Provide?

Before an estimated answer on how much power a Powerwall can use, there are two power supply types to know: continuous and instantaneous. Continuous power is the electricity a battery supplies to a home for a long time, and instantaneous power is how long it takes to supply electricity to one appliance.

The typical power rating of instantaneous power is 7 kW, and continuous is 5 kW. Kind of like a hotspot on your phone, the wattage is low because it’s retaining energy while still giving something else a source to stay energized.

How Long Does a Powerwall Power My House?

So, how long can you power a house with a Powerwall? It comes down to not only the power type but how much usage power your device has in storage. The energy your Powerwall holds is described in kilowatt-hours. Kilowatt-hours stands for the number you see listed, which is how much you can use in one hour if you apply power to one device or use a lower rating for an extended period. This is another way to describe instantaneous and continuous power supply.

Power Consumed by Each Appliance

You can switch between devices if you need to sustain your power supply for prolonged periods. The power you need for your home depends on each appliance—the TV could run at 300 W and stay powered for 45 hours, for example.

If you have found that power drains quicker than usual, recalculate your kW again or find the source of power drainage. You might find it’s your refrigerator, and if that’s the case, avoid turning the lights on if possible, as keeping your food fresh may be more critical during a prolonged outage.

Does Having a Powerwall Without a Solar Panel Change Anything?

Your only source of energy in a power outage is the Powerwall. If you want to extend energy and be able to charge the battery faster, get solar panels. Solar energy panels are an excellent investment because they work well as backup generators in power outages and pair well with the Tesla Powerwall.

Go Solar Power provides both Powerwalls and solar panels. If you have been thinking about going solar for a while, now is a great time! Pair your Powerwall installation with a new solar panel system—it’s all about keeping the lights on, so let’s keep the power on while living sustainably. Contact us for more information on Tesla Powerwalls.

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