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Financing Solar

Financing Solar is a smart move that’s enabling homeowners to get massive savings on power bills. More financiers are providing affordable solar financing solutions with zero money down and low installments. As a result, solar installation has become a cost-effective investment.

The panel can produce enough power to run your home without the need for electricity, and at the end of each month, you pay an amount that is less than your ordinary power bill. Moreover, once you clear the loan, you completely phase out power bills out of your budget, leading to significant savings.

Convenient Financing

Ideally, installing a solar system is an expensive investment that many homeowners shun. However, with the help of financing solar, you can easily acquire a high-value solar system for as low as 0.99%. Moreover, repayment is spread-out to make it affordable for the average person.

Like many other loan facilities out there, you can explore the option of early repayment if you’re in a position. Traditionally, paying off loans early attracted penalties, but now most financiers are welcoming it. Clearing your loan early is beneficial in that it improves your credit score, increases your debt-income ratio, and earns you interest cuts.

Increases Your Homes Value

Owning a solar system is beneficial in that it boosts your home value. Consequently, you are able to secure more prospective buyers, in case you decide to sell your home.

Sadly, installing a system capable of meeting your home’s power needs is like a mirage for the average homeowners. But thanks to the convenient solar financing solutions, you can easily make the investment.

The Tax Benefit of a Solar Loan

When you finance your solar system through a loan, you’re subject to federal incentives. You can claim a federal tax credit of 26% on the cost of installation against your tax liability. And if your tax liability is less than 26% of the cost incurred, you can roll the benefit to the year following the installation.

Financing Solar with a Higher Interest Loan vs. Lower Interest Loan

There is no direct answer as to which option is best. You may need to look at several factors before deciding which of the options is the most affordable. Your first step should be to enquire from the financiers what their fees constitute of.

In some cases, some financiers use a low-interest rate to attract borrowers, then impose hefty fees to cover the cost of lending. Looking at what is constituted in the fees and then calculating the entire cost of the loan can help you determine which financier is cheaper.

You may also factor in the possibility of an early loan payoff and how much you’re likely to save under either of the two options.

Financing Options

Mosaic Solar Loans and Sunlight Financial are yet other options available for you. The mosaic loan is a very affordable facility with amazing features. It comes with no down payment, a low fixed interest rate, and nominal fees. You can also choose repayment terms from several options ranging from 15 to 25 years. In both Sunlight Financial and Mosaic Solar loans, your home is not attached to the security. The solar equipment

No matter your credit rating, you can get a solar loan at $0 upfront cost for as low as 0.99%. If you have a low credit score, consider exploring Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans. Under this facility, the financier will lend you based on your property’s value instead of your credit rating.


Your financial status shouldn’t restrict you from going solar if you so desire. With the availability of affordable solar financing, nothing should hold you back from reaping the long-term benefits of installing a solar system in your home. Consider getting a loan that doesn’t require a down payment and enjoy green energy in your home at lesser power costs. This is an excellent money-saving investment, especially if you plan to stay in your home for a long time.

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